Unique Among Home Builders in the Midwest

Whether you have floor plans already drawn up, or want us to start from scratch, C&E Wurzer can make your home building experience a positive one. Take a look at our building process and get an idea of what you can expect when you work with us to build your custom home.

Getting Ready to Build

Initial Meeting

The first step when you come to C&E Wurzer is to sit down and meet with our builders.  As experienced home builders, we know to explore different ideas that you have, discuss plans, and get started with our free drafting service.  This will allow us to give you an accurate, firm bid.

Drawing and Drafting

After we've met with you, we will create a drawing of what your home could look like, based on the ideas presented in our meeting.  This is a free service to you before we even provide a quote, to make sure everyone involved understands the direction of the design.

Visiting the Design Showroom

C&E Wurzer has a close partnership with Lake Hallie Cabinets & Design, an interior design studio with a full showroom.  We'll take you through and show you a variety of options for products for your home, including appliances, cabinetry, countertops, flooring, and more.  Our customers love this part because you actually see and feel the pieces that will be going in your home.  It also keeps the project within your budget by allowing you to see what items are in your budget range and which will work best with your design.

Providing the Bid

Once you've selected the products and have the design completed, we will provide you with a firm bid for your home.  And, because we've done so much work upfront, we already know exactly what you're looking for.  You won't end up paying any more than what's on the bid unless your product selections change during the project.

Building Your Home

Once we've completed the initial consultation process and the bid is accepted, we'll get to work on your new home!  C&E Wurzer utilizes an extremely helpful online tool called BuilderTrend (learn more about it here!) that allows you to track the progress on your home, submit change requests, view scheduled meetings, and more.  You can easily log in to it right from our website, creating a unique and interactive building process.

Enjoying Your New Home

Congratulations!  The construction is done, everything is clean and brand new, and you're all moved in.  This is the most exciting part of building your new home - when you actually get to enjoy it.  We've built a quality home for you and stand behind every bit of workmanship that we've put into it.  If you ever run into issues with the construction of your new home, be assured that C&E Wurzer is here to take care of you.  C&E Wurzer provides a 1-year builder warranty on any construction of the home and will be available if repairs or replacements are needed.  This is a standard offering among home builders in Wisconsin, Illinois, and Minnesota.